Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Nurturing Love: Your EFT Pathway to Emotional Closeness

Online & in-person. Flexible Scheduling. Evening & Weekend Appointments. Superbills Provided For Insurance Reimbursement.

Are you and your spouse fighting all the time over little things?

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place.

Maybe it’s the confusion over why the fights keep happening, or perhaps it’s feeling stuck in the shame, guilt, and other difficult emotions that come up when you can’t figure out how to fix the marriage. You may be feeling misunderstood, or simply just lost as to what is going on with the fights. Perhaps you’re even feeling worried that you’ve failed, or somehow ruined the marriage beyond repair.
Whatever it is that you’re experiencing, you’re beginning to notice the impact of this on your life:

It may feel impossible now, but you can be understood and feel close again. You can heal from past hurts and betrays. You can fight less, have a good marriage, and enjoy life together. And we can help you get there.
Dr. Elizabeth Polinsky

Benefits EFT Couple Therapy


We’ll help through this process, tailoring each step to your unique needs and circumstances. Our approach to Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) comes from a place of believing that couples make the most improvement when they can get to the deeper roots of the problem.

What you will learn with Us:
In Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), you'll learn how to understand each other at a deeper level so you can feel relaxed and happy again in your marriage.

Our approach to couples counseling is based on Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), which is the #1 research-validated relationship therapy and the ONLY couple therapy recommended by the American Psychological Association to help improve relationships. In EFT Couple Therapy with us, we will do a thorough assessment of your relationship, discover your relationships specific strengths and area’s for growth, and discuss what makes for emotionally secure relationships.

We'll Explore:

Online & in-person.
Evening and weekend appointments Available.

Online & in-person sessions tailored to you for a flexible, personalized experience

Clinic Hours

Do you qualify for Reimbursement?

We have partnered with Mentaya to help clients use their out-of-network benefits to save money on therapy. Use this tool below to see if you qualify for reimbursement for our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first few sessions will be spent getting to know one another, and making sure you and your therapist are both clear about what you are hoping to get out of the experience. You’ll talk lot about feelings to help you get clarity and work through any painful feelings keeping you stuck. Your therapist will also help you clarify what you want out of relationships and how to communicate clearly about your needs. Through this process you’ll be learning tools to use in your day-to-day life. If needed, your therapist will offer referrals to other disciplines, such as psychiatry, primary care, etc. Most of all, your therapist will hold space for you to have all of your experiences versus just trying to work through them on your own.

​In individual counseling, we use a combination of Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). We’ll help you build more awareness and understanding of your emotions, so you have more access to your inner wisdom, and can use that wisdom to interact confidently in your relationships.

We meet with clients weekly and each session lasts for 60 minutes. It is hard to know how long therapy will take as many things impact how quickly progress can be made. Ultimately it is up to you how long you are in counseling. We will only continue if you are feeling that the therapy is helping you.

Our clinic has a 48-hour cancellation policy in order to allow us to pay our therapists for their time. If you miss your appointment or cancel in under 48-hours, you will be charged the full amount of the session.

The exception is Dr. Elizabeth Polinsky who only works with clients who are willing to be videotaped for training purposes. She works with clients on a weekly basis and has a reschedule only policy. We are happy to provide more information about this should you wish to work with her.

We do not take insurance and are not connected with Military One Source or the VA. All providers are out-of-network providers, which means that they do not bill insurance. We are happy to offer you the necessary paperwork (superbill) to file with your insurance provider for possible partial or full reimbursement. ​Please know that not all insurance plans offer reimbursement and that some may have a deductible or an allowable amount. It is best to call the number on the back of your insurance card and speak to a representative about what your specific benefits are. In addition, insurance companies typically only reimburse if the client has a diagnosable mental health condition. Your provider can talk this through with you at any time.

Medicare: Communicate & Connect Counseling does not participate in any health insurance plans, HMO plans or panels, and cannot accept Medicare in any form. Clients of Communicate & Connect Counseling cannot attempt reimbursement of services through Medicare. Services provided by Communicate & Connect Counseling are not covered under Medicare and no Medicare payment will be made or accepted for any reason.

  • $75 per hour with Masters Level Student Interns
  • $125 per hour with Masters Level Therapists under Supervision (Residents in Counseling, Residents in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Supervisee’s in Social Work), and Doctoral Level Student Interns
  • $175 per hour with Masters Level Independently Licensed Therapists (LPC, LMFT, or LCSW) and Doctoral Level Therapists under Supervision
  • $200 per hour with Masters Level Specialty Certified Therapists (LPC, LMFT, or LCSW)
  • $225 per hour for Doctoral Level Independently Licensed Therapists (LPC, LMFT, or LCSW)
  • $250 per hour for Doctoral Level Specialty Certified Therapists (LPC, LMFT, or LCSW)
  • $300 per hour for Dr. Elizabeth Polinsky, LCSW, LMFT, Clinic Founder and Director 

Click on the button below to book your initial 20-minute free consultation. You’ll chat with your selected therapist to see if they are a good fit for your needs. If so, they will book an intake session where they can get to know you and your concerns more in depth.

How to Get Started

As a group, we are committed to a non-judgmental experience. We all look through a lens that honors what makes us human. We are relational beings, hard-wired to connect. What makes us different is where we want to be especially open, curious and never presume that we are experts. We welcome all, including sexual orientation, age, race, disability, ethnicity/national origin, gender identity and religious/spiritual affiliation. 

Book a Complimentary Consultation

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Get the support you need.

Work with your therapist to develop and practice relationship skills. Together you’ll develop the habits you need to feel close and connected in your relationships.

Feel satisfied and secure again.

You'll feel emotionally safe and satisfied in your relationships again, that way you'll be ready to handle whatever life throws at you. 

Your First Step Towards Healing

You don’t have to keep feeling lonely in your relationships.

We can help you feel close, comfortable, and connected again. 

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